Urea Crusher

Usage: Mainly used to crush urea fertilizer particles.
Production capacity: 2-10t/h.
Advantages: Simple and compact structure, small footprint.
Applicable Raw Materials: Urea or other npk fertilizer granules.

Working Video

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This equipment is mainly used for granular urea crushing, and can also be used for other single chemical fertilizer crushing. It is widely used in the production of high-nitrogen fertilizer crushing, water-soluble fertilizer crushing and granular feed crushing in compound fertilizer plants. Urea crusher is a medium sized horizontal cage mill. it can crush the water content in the following 6% kinds of single fertilizer , especially for the larger hardness of the material. It has the features of simple and compact structure, covers an area of small, convenient maintenance, good crushing effect ,smooth operation, convenient cleaning is ammonium , phosphate , urea and durum material nemesis.

Finished Product

Urea fertilizer granules after crushing:


The main technical parameters are shown in the table below:

Model Capacity Power Feed size Fineness Dimensions
SG600S 2~3 t/h 5.5kw*2 <4.5mm 20~40 1505mmx1043mmx1178mm
SG800S 3~4 t/h 7.5kw*2 <4.5mm 20~40 1505mmx1220mmx1180mm


Working Project

Urea crusher in the compound fertilizer production line (from our old customers).


Package : wooden package or full 20GP/40HQ container.