Shaftless Screening Machine

Usage: Used for effective screening of urban waste of different sizes.
Production capacity: 50-600t/h
Mesh size: 5-60mm
Layers: 1-2
Application area: Mining, chemical, food, etc

Working Video

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When the material enters the drum device, due to the inclination and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is turned over and rolled, so that the under-screen material smaller than the screen hole size is discharged from the screen hole, and the screened material larger than the screen hole size is discharged from the tail through the drum.


The rotating drum shaftless screening machine in the garbage sorting assembly line system is generally installed upstream of the urban solid waste sorting system and effectively screens different sizes of urban garbage. They have the function of dividing the incoming waste stream into two or more waste streams. According to the different particle sizes of garbage components, the various garbage components entering the drum screen can be separated. The garbage drum screen is designed to screen materials according to their different properties and diameter sizes. It can be designed as a circular sieve cylinder or an inner hexagonal sieve cylinder, which can increase the primary bag breaking effect and have self-cleaning function inside.


Our shaftless screening machine are available with different sizes of opening to allow the sieving of any type of recyclable material, or residual, and its conveyance by the belt conveyor for further processing.
Entirely designed and manufactured in our company, designed for use even very intensive, they are made with the highest quality components which allow a drastic reduction of maintenance. All Tianci shaftless screening machine are the result of many years of experience and the result of design with the best technology.


The main technical parameters are shown in the table below:

Model Drum Diameter (mm) Drum Length (mm) Weight (kg) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Dimension (mm)
SC1050 1000 1500 2200 3 50 2600*1400*1700
SC1020 1000 2000 2800 4 100 3390*1400*2140
SC1225 1200 2500 4200 5.5 160 4146*1600*2680
SC1530 1500 3000 5100 7.5 250 4460*1900*2820
SC1545 1500 4500 6000 11 350 5960*1900*3090
SC1848 1800 5000 7500 15 450 6500*2300*4000
SC2055 2000 5500 9600 22 600 7500*2550*4800
SC2265 2200 6500 12800 30 800 8500*2750*5000

Working Project

Shaftless screening machine from our old customers:


Package : wooden package or full 20GP/40HQ container.