Return Back Crusher

Usage: Crushing of return materials in fertilizer production.
Production capacity: 1-5t/h.
Product Highlights: High crushing ratio.
Applicable materials: NPK compound fertilizer or compost organic manure.

Working Video

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Chain crusher is suitable for crushing of block in compound fertilizer production and the crushing of return materials in fertilizer production.

Finished Product

Urea fertilizer granules after crushing:


1.selects high-quality steel, and carries out system optimization design, with large output and high reliability.
2.reasonable structure, fast feeding, stable performance and strong impact resistance.
3.high-strength wear-resistant carbide chain plates with synchronous speed. The inlet and outlet design is reasonable, the crushed material is uniform, and it is not easy to stick to the wall, which is easy to clean.

Working Project

Return back crusher in the fertilizer production line (from our old customers).


Package wooden package or full 20GP40HQ container.