Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Usage: Production of organic fertilizer granules.
Production capacity: 1-10t/h.
Granules Diameter: 2-10mm.
Granular Shape: Round.
Applicable Raw Materials: Compost organic manure.

Working Video

organic fertilizer granulator
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It is designed and manufactured by a new process of wet continuous push rod granulation. This machine can not only granulate a variety of organic matter, especially coarse fiber materials that are difficult to granulate with conventional equipment, such as: crop straw, wine residue, fungus residue, medicine residue, animal manure, etc., can be granulated after fermentation, and the granulation effect of raw materials such as humic acid and urban sludge is also very good.
 There is no need to dry the raw materials before granulation. After the raw materials are crushed, they can be directly batched to process spherical granules, which can save a lot of resources. The granules are spherical, and the organic content is as high as 100%, and no binder is added during granulation. The particles are firm and can be screened after granulation, and the moisture content of the raw materials can be about 20%-40%.

Finished Granules

Suitable for a wide range of raw materials, such as poultry manure, organic compost, sawdust, straw, farm waste and so on.


The main technical parameters are shown in the table below:

Model Capacity (t/h) Granule Size(mm) Powder(kw) Dimension(L*W*H)
YSL40 1-1.5 1-5 30 3650×1260×1200
YSL60 1.5-2.5 1-6 37 4180×1760×1080
YSL80 2-3 1-7 55 5050×1500×1360
YSL100 4-6 2-8 75 6470×1450×1560
YSL120 5-7 2-8 90 5410×1500×1610
YSL150 8-10 2-8 100 6840×2120×2200

Working Project

1-20t/h organic fertilizer production line from our old customers.


Package : wooden package or full 20GP/40HQ container.