NPK Fertilizer Roller Press Granulator

Usage: Production of npk compound fertilizer granules.
Production capacity: 1-3t/h.
Granules Diameter: 2-20mm.
Granular Shape: Oblate or irregular.
Applicable Raw Materials: Chemical dry powder.

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The structure of roller press granulator adopts granulation, forming and screening as a whole, which makes it have the characteristics of simple operation and low energy consumption.
The machine has wide adaptability to raw materials, it can not only be used for granulation in fertilizer, feed and chemical industries, but also has good applicability especially for rare earth, metallurgy, coal, biological preparations, and environmental protection projects.

Finished Granules

Suitable for a wide range of raw materials, such as nitrogen phosphorus potassium, graphite powder, mineral powder, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, etc. You can choose different shapes and diameter of granules according to your needs.


This series of roller press granulators comes in multiple models, which can be selected according to the production needs of users or customized. The main technical parameters are shown in the table below:

Model DZJ-Ⅰ1.0 DZJ-Ⅰ2.0 DZJ-Ⅰ3.0 DZJ-Ⅰ4.0 DZJ-Ⅱ1.0 DZJ-Ⅱ2.0
Production Capacity(t/h) 1~1.5 1.5~2.5 2~3 3~4 1~2 1.5~2.5
Power(kw) 15KW 18.5KW 22KW 30KW 15KW 18.5KW
Pressure roller size Φ150×220 Φ150X300 Φ186X300 Φ300X300 Φ150X220 Φ150X300
Feeding size ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm ≦0.5mm
Finished product specifications Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ20 Φ2.5~Φ30 Φ2.5~Φ10 Φ2.5~Φ20
Material moisture 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5% 2%~5%

Different roller skins can produce granules of different shapes and sizes.

Working Project

1-20t/h NPK compound fertilizer production line from our old customers.


Package : wooden package or full 20GP/40HQ container.