Crawler Type Compost Turner

Usage: Compost fermentation for organic manure.
Production capacity: 500-1000 m³/h.
Turning Width: 2400-3000 (mm)
Turning Depth: 500-1500 (mm)
Product Highlights: Reduce production and construction investment and save production building area.
Applicable materials: Cattle manure, chicken manure, poultry manure, grass ash, lignite, straw, bean cakes, corn straw etc.

Working Video

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The crawler-type turner is a ground pile fermentation method, and it is the most economical way to save soil and human resources at present. The materials need to be stacked into piles, and then regularly stirred and pulverized by the turning machine, and the organic matter is decomposed under aerobic conditions. When the turning machine is working, sludge, sticky chicken manure and other materials can be well mixed with fungi and straw powder, creating a better aerobic environment for the fermentation of materials. In the fermentation process, it can effectively prevent the generation of harmful and malodorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, indole, etc., and meet the requirements of environmental protection production.

Finished Product


The main technical parameters are shown in the table below:

Model TC-2400 TC-2600 TC-3000 TC-3000
Turning Width(mm) 2400 2600 3000 3000
Turning Height(mm) 600-1000 1100-1300 1300-1500 1600-1800
Row Spacing(mm) 800-1000 800-1000 800-1000 100-1000
Max.Diameter of Material Particles(mm) 250 250 250 250
Power(horsepower) 75 116 136 143
Working Knife Diameter(mm) 400 500 500 800
Working Speed(m/min) 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10
Capacity(m³/h) 500-700 1000-1200 1300-1500 1500-1800

Working Project

Crawler type compost turner in the fermentation project:


Package : wooden package or full 20GP/40HQ container.