Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

Usage: Compost fermentation for ogganic manure.
Production capacity: 1-20t/h.
Width of slot: 2-12m.
Product Highlights: Short fermentation cycle, large daily processing capacity and annual production capacity.
Applicable Raw Materials: Cattle manure, chicken manure, poultry manure, grass ash, lignite, straw, bean cakes, corn straw etc.

Working Video

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Chain plate type compost turner is suitable for aerobic composting of organic solid waste, such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge and garbage, and straw and so on. Its walking system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, so it has the characteristics of good adaptability to different materials, smooth operation, high turnover efficiency and deep groove operation. It can effectively shorten the fermentation period, improve production efficiency and product quality. Variable frequency speed control system can be well adapted to the change of working load. The equipment makes full use of the deep pool design to realize automatic discharge, and large-scale treatment of harmless organic waste has become a reality.

Finished Product


1.Compact structure, advanced technology, the use of some beneficial microorganisms can promote the rapid decomposition of organic waste such as poultry manure, using a unique pool-type continuous aerobic fermentation technology, to achieve the purpose of harmless, resourceful and reduction treatment .
2.Low energy consumption and stable product quality.

Working Project

Wheel type compost turner in the fertilizer granules production line:


Package : wooden package or full 20GP/40HQ container.